Flake Aggregate Collection


Polytek’s Flake Aggregate Collection is engineered to enhance the aesthetic and ergonomic qualities of the most challenging flooring environments.  

Perfect for a customized finish, this product was designed for use in conjunction with our Epoxy Flooring system. For full coverage, broadcast flakes at a rate of 10 sq. ft per lb. For a lighter density of flakes, apply at a rate of 100 sq. ft per lb.  After the basecoat has dried, the flakes may be scraped or lightly sanded to remove any high spots.  

  • Perfect for a Custom Floor Finish 
  • Enhances Aesthetic and Ergonomic Qualities 
  • Variety of Collection Colors Available 
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Safety Data Sheet

  Material Required for 100 Sq Ft Material Required for 290 Sq Ft (1 Car Garage) Material Required for 580 Sq Ft (2 Car Garage)
Light (2% Coverage) 0.15 lbs 0.45 lbs 0.85 lbs
Heavy (50% Coverage) 1 lbs 29 lbs 57 lbs
Full (100% Coverage) 27 lbs 78 lbs 155 lbs

**Light Coverage refers to a sprinkling of flake for added color - epoxy is still highly visible. Full Coverage refers to a 100% broadcast where only flake can be seen - epoxy is no longer visible.