Polyaspartic Extreme Durability - Fast

Polyaspartic Extreme Durability (Fast) is a 2-part, 2-hour dry, high-solids, polyaspartic polyurethane, perfect for contractors that desire faster tack-free and recoat times, and a higher build in one coat.  

The excellent UV resistant, mar-resistant, and chemical resistant properties of this material will outperform most other types of sealers or topcoats. Designed for professional use, this product is a great finish coat for use in moderate to severe chemical environments or in high traffic areas. Polyaspartic Fast can be used on industrial floors, residential garage floors, decorative floors, restaurant floors, food processing facilities, automotive service areas, and other moderate-high traffic areas. 

  • Chemical Resistant
  • Color and Gloss Retention
  • Impact and Abrasion Resistant
  • Fast Dry Time
  • Walk on in 6 Hours, Drive on in 48 Hours
  • SCAQMD VOC Compliant (VOC <5 g/l)

10 gal. kit = 5 gal. A + 5 gal. B

2 gal. kit = 1 gal. A + 1 gal. B

32 oz. kit = 16 oz. A + 16 oz. B

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Current Stock:

Technical Specifications

Mix Ratio:
Shore D Hardness:
Mixed Viscosity (cps):
200-300 sq ft/gal
Work Time:
30 min
Recoat Time:
4-24 hours
Dry Time:
1.5-3 hours
Light Foot Traffic:
24 hours
Light Vehicle Traffic:
48 hours
Full Cure:
3-7 days
<5 g/l
Tensile Strength:
3,980 psi

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Material Calculator

Technical Reference Chart

Safety Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet

  Over Smooth Surfaces Over Rough Surfaces
32 oz 50-75 ft2 50-60 ft2
2 gal 400-600 ft2 400-500 ft2
10 gal 2,000-3,000 ft2 2,000-2,500 ft2