PolyPoxy® 7136 Casting Epoxy


PolyPoxy® 7136 is a two-component, room temperature curing (RTV), heat-resistant casting epoxy that can be cast to a thickness of ¾” in non heat-conductive molds and 1.25" in heat-conductive molds. This aluminum-filled epoxy is typically used for heat-resistant tooling, vacuum form tools, injection and compression molds, RTM and RIM molds, and matched dies. 

PolyPoxy® 7136 has a pot life of 85 minutes, a demold time of 24 hours, and cures to a Shore D90 hardness. For a similar product with a longer pot life, consider PolyPoxy® 7136-2 Casting Epoxy

For service temperatures between 150°F and 300°F, a post-cure is required.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Epichlorohydrin which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov


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Technical Specifications

Mix Ratio by Weight:
Mix Ratio by Volume:
Shore Hardness:
Maximum Casting Thickness:
3/4” in non heat-conductive molds 1.25” in heat-conductive molds
Pot Life:
85 min.
Demold Time:
24 hr.
Cured Color:
Mixed Viscosity:
15,000 cP
Specific Gravity:
Specific Volume:
16.4 in³/lb
Tensile Strength:
7,800 psi (post-cure required)
Flexural Strength:
8,600 psi (post-cure required)
Compressive Strength:
29,000 (post-cure required)
Heat Deflection Temp.:
305°F (post-cure required)
Stir Resin thoroughly before use. BEFORE USE: Thoroughly read Safety Data Sheets, Technical Bulletin, and product labels. WARNING: THE EPOXY CURE REACTION IS VERY EXOTHERMIC. Do not cast in thicknesses greater than the recommended maximum thickness.

More Information

Material Calculator

Technical Bulletin

Safety Data Sheet - Resin

Safety Data Sheet - Hardener

Kit Components
PolyPoxy® 7136 Components
12.85-lb kit includes: 12 lb of PolyPoxy® 7136 Resin (~1 gallon)
0.85 lb of PolyPoxy® 7136 Hardener (~1 pint)
72-lb kit includes: 65 lb of PolyPoxy® 7136 Resin (~5 gallons)
7 lb of PolyPoxy® 7136 Hardener (~1 gallon)

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