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Started in 1984, Polytek® Development Corp. is a leading manufacturer of specialty polymers including: polyurethane elastomers and casting resins, silicones, epoxies, and latex. These systems are used primarily in mold making and casting applications in industrial, construction, entertainment, fine arts and technology sectors.

Polytek®'s collective mission is to design and manufacture the highest-performance line of liquid rubbers and related casting products and to provide our customers with unmatched, industry-setting technical support and customer service. In doing so, we are committed to helping our customers realize the greatest value from the use of our products and resources.

In the end, our success is defined by yours.

Our Core Values

  • Collaborate with you to find or develop the right product
  • Deliver quality, speed, cost and service
  • Respond do whatever it takes to help you be successful

Polytek Corporation

A Leading Manufacturer of Specialty Polymers for Mold Making, Casting & Coating Applications

For Consumers & Businesses

Founded in 1984, Polytek® Development Corp. is a leading manufacturer of specialty polymers for mold making and casting applications across industrial and consumer sectors. We are here to support the engineers, DIYers, manufacturers, craftsmen, designers, makers, artists, and fabricators that create products that restore and improve physical infrastructure, support exciting hobbies, transform manufacturing processes, entertain on the big screen, inspire others, and improve our lives.

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Private Label

Your Brand Starts Here

You’ve got an idea, we’ve got the chemistry.

Start, grow, and sell your own private labeled brand of epoxy, silicone, urethane or latex products. Whether you are looking for bulk material to bottle yourself or to have Polytek package and label the product for you, we can help.

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