Precast Concrete - Panels & Large Infrastructure

Use Polytek® liquid rubbers to manufacture flexible, custom form liners or inserts to produce textured precast concrete infrastructure

Polytek® two-part, room temperature curing mold rubbers are used to create custom flexible rubber inserts or form liners that are placed into a rigid form. These highly detailed liners are often used to cast decorative concrete panels, wall blocks, fencing, retaining walls and sound barriers. Liners can be easily removed from the form for demolding or replaced when a change in texture is desired. Polytek® polyurethane rubbers can meet the demands of any size liner.

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Popular Polyurethane Products:

Poly 74-29 Liquid Rubber

A medium-soft polyurethane rubber popular for gasket panels for brick veneer.

Poly 74-45 Liquid Rubber

A mid-range hardness polyurethane rubber popular for patterns with moderate undercuts.


Poly 75-65 Liquid Rubber

A medium-hard polyurethane rubber popular for patterns with little to no undercuts.


Poly 75-80 Liquid Rubber

A firm polyurethane rubber popular for patterns with no undercuts.

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Learn more or browse all of Polytek's room temperature curing polyurethane rubbers below. These two-part materials can be poured, brushed or sprayed to make high-performance molds.

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