Precast Concrete

Make your own concrete molds, forms, texture and stamping mats with Polytek’s wide selection of concrete mold making materials

Through decades of research and development, Polytek is able to offer one of the most comprehensive selections of flexible mold materials for concrete casting applications.

Mold Material Options:

  • Polyurethane Rubber (RTV)
  • Silicone Rubber (RTV)
  • Latex Rubber

These systems are used to produce a wide variety of precast concrete products and come in pourable, brushable and sprayable options. Select an application below to view material suggestions:



Stone Veneer

Polytek® liquid mold rubbers are the mold material of choice for high-volume veneer stone production (manual or automated manufacturing). These two-component mold rubbers capture excellent surface detail, offer exceptional dimensional stability and have unmatched lifetime and durability compared to hot melt and polypropylene systems.

Panels & Large Infrastructure

Polytek® two-part, room temperature curing mold rubbers are used to create custom flexible rubber inserts or form liners that are placed into a rigid form. These highly detailed liners are often used to cast decorative concrete panels, wall blocks, fencing, retaining walls and sound barriers.


Polytek® mold rubbers are used to produce various precast concrete hardscape products, including pavers, stepping stones, patio stones, rock face liners, fire pits, retaining wall block, pier and wall caps and more.

Stamping & Texturing

Pour Polytek® liquid rubbers onto a textured pattern (e.g., slate, brick, cobblestone, flagstone, etc.) to make reusable stamping tools and texturing skins to impart any desired texture into a concrete floor, wall or other surface.


Polytek® two-part, room temperature curing mold rubbers can be used to create the entire shape and texture of concrete countertops, or, in conjunction with rigid forms, can be used to create individual countertop elements.

Décor & Furniture

Polytek® two-part, room temperature curing rubbers are used to make poured, brush-on or spray-on rubber molds to reproduce concrete statues, tiles, decorative panels, outdoor and indoor furniture, planters and many other decorative precast concrete products.


Architectural precast producers and restoration specialists use Polytek® two-part, room temperature curing mold rubbers to make molds of original or aging architectural elements which are then reproduced in concrete.

Starter Kit

Use this starter kit to make your first rubber mold for a small-scale, concrete casting project of your choosing.

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