Polytek® Silicone Materials

Room-temperature curing (RTV) silicone rubber and silicone foam

Use Polytek liquid silicone rubbers or foam to make high-performance silicone molds and silicone parts.

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Platinum-Cured Silicone Rubber

Platinum-cured (also known as addition-cure), room temperature-curing silicones that cure to flexible, high-strength rubbers. Platinum-cured silicone rubber is an excellent mold material, but select silicone products are also widely used as a casting medium in applications including medical modeling, special effects, and orthotics.

For more information on medical modeling, see our Medical Modeling and Simulation brochure.  

This line includes options that comply with 21 CFR 177.2600 for repeated use food contact surfaces as well as skin-safe options in the PlatSil® Gel Series.

Compared to tin-cured silicone rubbers, platinum-cured silicones exhibit long library life and low shrinkage on cure.

Tin-Cured Silicone Rubber

Tin-cured (also known as condensation cure), room-temperature curing silicones are most commonly used to make flexible molds. Molds made from these rubbers exhibit high tear strength, good release properties, and resistance to high temperatures.

Compared to platinum-cured silicone rubbers, tin-cured silicones show less sensitivity to cure inhibition.

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