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accessories and tools

Materials to help you complete your mold making, casting, or tooling project.

Many commonly used accessories for mold making and casting can be found here. Clay, mixing tools, scales, brushes, mold care products, safety equipment and more. Looking for release agents and sealers? Click here.

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Mold Care & Product Life Extender

Products that help protect finished molds and liquid product.

Color Dyes

Color dyes for polyurethane and silicone products.

UV Stabilizer

Liquid additive that can be added to polyurethane liquid rubber or plastic to improve exterior durability and reduce surface degradation caused by sunlight or other UV light sources.


Acid and china bristle brushes that can be used in many aspects of the mold making and casting process.

Tools & Mixing Equipment

Mixing cups, mixing tools, and other acessories that will help you complete your mold making or casting project.

Safety Equipment

Safety is paramount when working with liquid mold making and casting products.

fumed silica

Fillers & Thickeners

Polytek® liquid polyurethane plastics or rubbers to thicken for brush-on application or to make mold shells.

Poly Plasticine Clay


A non-hardening, sulfur-free modeling clay. Good for sculpting as well as reusable caulk for mold boxes and mold shells to make them liquid tight.

Tietex® Fabric

Reinforcement Materials

A strong, conformable, reinforcing fabric often used to reinforce the top of a seam in brushed or sprayed molds or laid into the back of a poured mold to increase durability.

Plas-Pak Spray Equipment

Plas-Pak Spray Equipment

A portable spray-gun and regulator designed to spray 1A:1B or 1A:10B rubbers and plastics.

Digital Scales

Digital Scales

Accurately weigh Polytek rubbers, plastics and foams with a digital tabletop scale. 5000 g capacity (1 g readability) and 200 lb capacity (0.1 lb readability) options available.

Drum Handling Equipment Oil Gate Valve

Drum Handling Equipment

55 Gallon Drum accessories include valves, bung wrench, adapter and drierite cartridge.

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