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Polytek® Development Corp. is a leading manufacturer of specialty polymers for mold making, casting, coating and tooling applications that are used across a wide range of industries.

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Silicone Materials

Use Polytek liquid silicone rubbers or foam to make high-quality silicone molds and silicone parts.

Polyurethane Materials

Use Polytek polyurethane rubbers, plastics, foams and adhesives to make high-performance molds and parts.

Epoxy Materials

Use Polytek epoxy materials for room-temperature and high-temperature tooling applications. Product lines includes formulas for surface coating, laminating, casting, putties and adhesives.

Latex Rubber

Latex rubber offers high elongation and tear strength properties that can be used for a wide range of industrial & commercial applications, including stone veneer manufacturing, statuary reproduction, mask making, special effects, and much more.

Tooling & Modeling Board

TekBoard™ Tooling & Modeling Boards are pre-fabricated, highly machinable, dimensionally stable block materials that assist engineers, model makers, mechanical designers, and prototype developers in meeting the demanding needs of the aerospace, automotive, modeling, and prototyping industries.

Thermoplastic Elastomers

Thermoplastic elastomers, sometimes referred to as thermoplastic rubbers, are unique in that they combine the physical properties of rubber with the processing advantages of plastic.

Release Agents & Sealers

The careful selection of sealers and/or release agents is essential to successful mold making. There are many ways the following materials can be used separately or in conjunction with one another.

Accessories & Tools

Many commonly used accessories for mold making and casting can be found here. Clay, mixing tools, scales, brushes, mold care products, safety equipment and more.

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