Natural latex for mold making & casting applications.

Latex rubber is a natural product extracted from the Hevea Brasiliensis tree. After processing, it offers high elongation and tear strength properties that can be used for a wide range of industrial & commercial applications, including stone veneer manufacturing, statuary reproduction, mask making, special effects, and much more.

Product Options

Latex Rubber for Mold Making

NaturForm™ Molding Latex Rubbers are most often used to make molds for casting concrete (e.g., veneer stone manufacturing and statuary), plaster and limited casting with some resins. These latex products offer excellent tear strength and elongation properties and are available in 58-62% solid content and 70-74% solid content options.

Latex Rubber for Mask Making

NaturForm™ Mask Making Latex Rubber is designed to be poured into a dry, unsealed Gypsum plaster mold and air dries to form a high-strength, flexible casting. Natural latex rubber is one of the most popular materials for making novelty Halloween masks, prosthetic appliances, haunted attraction props, and animatronic skins. Unlike some other casting materials, these formulations can be used to create hollow castings without rotational molding.

Product Line Features

  • Type: Natural Latex
  • One-Part System
  • Air Drying System
  • High Elongation
  • High Tear Strength
  • Formulas with Internal Release Properties

Common Applications

Precast Concrete

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Special FX Makeup

Fine Art

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