Polyurethane Plastic: Rigid & Semi-Rigid

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Use Polytek® polyurethane plastics to make parts and objects of almost any color, size, shape and weight.

Polytek's two-part, room-temperature curing polyurethane plastics are available in varieties that can be poured, brushed or sprayed to create castings with unlimited versatility.

These plastics are separated into five different series, highlighted below. From super low-viscosity, fast-setting resins to water-clear options, almost any color, size, shape, weight and appearance can be achieved by using these systems. Utilize available accessories to help achieve the desired look and feel.

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Product Options

Fast-Setting, Low-Viscosity Polyurethane Plastics

EasyFlo Series products are easy-to-use, mercury-free polyurethane resins with simple, 1A:1B mix ratios by volume. These super low-viscosity liquids make for perfect detail penetration and bubble-free castings without the need for vacuum or pressure techniques. Rapid demold times make EasyFlo products ideal for high-volume, fast-cast applications. This series includes options that can be poured, rotocast and sprayed.

EasyFlo plastics are incredibly versatile and work well for countless commercial, industrial, hobby, craft, prop and display projects.

High-Performance, Polyurethane Tooling Plastics

Kast Series products are high-performance, fast-cast tooling and casting urethane resins.

Kast Series products are two-part, room-temperature curing (RTV) systems designed for use in a variety of applications including foundry, special effects, prototyping, vacuum and thermo-forming, and many other industrial and commercial applications.

Kast products were developed to provide high moisture resistance, improved filler suspension, easier premixing of the components, and minimal shrinkage.


Water-Clear, UV-Resistant Polyurethane Plastics

Poly-Optic® 14-Series & 17-Series plastics are specifically designed for applications where optical clarity is a must. Castings will be water-clear; however, PolyColor Dyes can be added to obtain clear, colored castings. In addition, Poly-Optic systems can be filled with metal, marble and many other fine powders to achieve myriad effects. Poly-Optic® 17-Series products are mercury-free formulas. 

Poly-Optic resins are the plastics of choice for mimicking glass and ice-like features and are widely used to create stunning prototypes (lenses, bottles, containers), as well as unique art, medical models, sculpture and display items.

NOTES: Vacuum and/or pressure casting techniques are recommended for these products. These formulas are not recommended for long-term exterior use. They can be sealed with a UV-stable clear coat and/or UV Additive can be added to the liquid mixture for longer outdoor use. 

High-Strength Polyurethane Plastics

High-Strength Polyurethane Plastics

Poly 15-Series feature pourable, room-temperature curing resins that mimic the density of thermoplastics (e.g., ABS) or wood, while other options are great options for constructing lightweight mold shells, composites, or master models.

Poly 15-Series plastics are versatile systems that are used in countless commercial, industrial, tooling, prototyping, craft, prop and master making applications. These plastics offer an up-front cost savings compared to the expensive tooling costs associated with metal molds required for injection-molded thermoplastic parts.


Slightly Flexible Polyurethane Plastic

Poly Plasti-Flex is a low-density, slightly flexible plastic that can be used to make decorative trim, props or impact resistant parts.

Product Line Features

  • Type: Two-part polyurethane plastics
  • Room temperature curing (RTV)
  • Rigid and semi-rigid options
  • Filled & unfilled systems
  • Water-clear options
  • Polyurethane plastics can be cast in silicone rubber molds without any release agent, but require a release agent when cast in polyurethane rubber molds.

Application Examples

cured mold of geometrical shapes cured polyurethane plastics cured polyurethane mold and plastic pug casting polyurethane rubber mold of a decorative design  

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