Concrete Mold Making - Starter Kit Tutorial

Use this Concrete Mold Making Starter Kit to make your first rubber mold for a small-scale, concrete casting project of your choosing. Polytek® manufactures a variety of polyurethane and silicone mold rubbers that are used worldwide for concrete applications (e.g., formliners, veneer stone manufacturing, decorative surfaces and décor, much more); this kit is tailored to individuals that are trying concrete mold making for the first time.

With the exception of a few items (listed below), this package contains everything you’ll need to make your first flexible mold.

Create custom rubber molds for a variety of DIY projects: 

• Stepping Stones 

• Pavers 

• Decorative Tiles 

• Flexible Texture Mats 

• Small Tabletops 

• Decorative Stone 

• Much More!

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