How to Make a Rubber Mold to Cast Concrete Pavers/Stepping Stones

This video tutorial details the process of making a Poly 75-70 polyurethane rubber mold of a concrete stepping stone. In this example, we utilize the "poured block mold technique", which is considered to be one of the most simple mold making methods.

Although the stepping stones in this scenario can be easily replaced through options at retail stores, this mold making method is great when you have a unique stone that is not replaceable OR when you'd like to produce custom pavers from your original design (made from wood, clay, a printed model, etc.).

A full list of materials and tools used for this project can be found at the end of the video.

The Steps: 

1. Select a Model 

2. Apply a Sealing Agent (Poly PVA Solution

3. Prepare Model and Construct Mold Box  

4. Apply Release Agent

5. Calculate Amount of Rubber Needed for Mold

6. Measure, Mix & Pour Mold Rubber

7. Demold 

8. Cast Concrete 

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