Metallic Pigment Powders

Our Metallic Pigment Powders produce vibrant pearlescent effects when added to flooring epoxies. 

These powders are very fine and make a significant impact in small amounts. Begin with small amounts and add more gradually to brighten or deepen the color, until the desired look is achieved. Powders can be blended for custom colors and can be used in conjunction with our Dye Pigments. The pre-wet the dye to prevent dust and increase ease of mixing, apply our Epoxy Dispersion Fluid before use. 

  • 15g Resealable Bags
  • 100g Resealable Jars
  • Compatible with all Polytek Flooring Materials
  • Ability to Customize Your Floor
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Safety Data Sheet

  Material Required for 100 Sq Ft Material Required for 290 Sq Ft (1 Car Garage) Material Required for 580 Sq Ft (2 Car Garage)
Solid Color 4oz 12oz 24oz