PlatSil® 73-20 Silicone Rubber


PlatSil® 73-20 Silicone Rubber is a two-part, platinum-catalyzed, liquid silicone system that cures (RTV) to a blue translucent, Shore A20 rubber. Compared to other silicones in the PlatSil® 73-Series line, this option sets quickly with a demold time of 1 hour (at room temperature). The transparency of PlatSil® 73-20 is useful for molds that need to be cut after cure – parting lines can be better determined because the model is visible. This is a pourable rubber, but it can be easily thickened with PlatThix Liquid Thickener or Fumed Silica for brush-on application.


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Technical Specifications

Mix Ratio by Weight:
Shore Hardness:
Pour Time:
5 min.
Demold Time:
1 hr.
Cured Color:
Blue, Translucent
Mixed Viscosity:
3,000 cP
Specific Volume:
25 in³/lb
Specific Gravity:
460 %
Tensile Strength:
230 psi
Die B Tear Strength:
45 pli
Die T Tear Strength:
17 pli
Cure Inhibition:
Contamination from sulfur (e.g., sulfur-based clay), amines, tin compounds, cured polyester resin, some paints and some silicone rubbers may inhibit surface cure of platinum-cured rubbers.

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Kit Components
PlatSil® 73-20 Components
2-lb kit includes: 1 lb of PlatSil® 73-20 Part A (~1 pint)
1 lb of PlatSil® 73-20 Part B (~1 pint)
16-lb kit includes: 8 lb of PlatSil® 73-20 Part A (~1 gallon)
8 lb of PlatSil® 73-20 Part B (~1 gallon)
80-lb kit includes: 40 lb of PlatSil® 73-20 Part A (~5 gallons)
40 lb of PlatSil® 73-20 Part B (~5 gallons)