Poly 74-41 Liquid Rubber


Poly 74-41 Liquid Rubber is a two-part, liquid polyurethane system that cures (RTV) to a Shore A40 rubber. This is a pourable rubber, but it can be easily thickened with PolyFiber II Thickener for brush-on application.


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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Toluene diisocyanate (TDI), which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov


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Technical Specifications

Mix Ratio by Weight:
Shore Hardness:
Pour Time:
20 min.
Demold Time:
16 hr.
Cured Color:
Amber, Varies
Mixed Viscosity:
2,000 cP
Specific Volume:
27.5 in³/lb
Specific Gravity:
1,060 %
Tensile Strength:
360 psi
Die C Tear Strength:
77 pli
The color of polyurethane Part Bs may change in color from batch to batch or may darken with age, but product performance is not affected.

More Information

Material Calculator

Technical Bulletin

Safety Data Sheet - Part A

Safety Data Sheet - Part B

Kit Components
Poly 74-41 Components
4-lb kit includes: 2 lb of Poly 74-Series Part A (~5 gallons)
2 lb of Poly 74-41 Part B (~5 gallons)
16-lb kit includes: 8 lb of Poly 74-Series Part A (~1 gallon)
8 lb of Poly 74-41 Part B (~1 gallon)
80-lb kit includes: 40 lb of Poly 74-Series Part A (~5 gallons)
40 lb of Poly 74-41 Part B (~5 gallons)