Use platinum-cured silicone foam to make parts or backfill other materials.

PlatSil® SiliFoam is a two-part, platinum-cured silicone casting foam with a free-rise density of 15 lb/ft³. SiliFoam can be used for many applications, but is often used in conjunction with PlatSil® Gel Silicone Rubber to create prosthetic appliances. The weight of large prosthetic appliances can be reduced by back-filling surface layers of PlatSil® Gels with low-density SiliFoam.

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PlatSil® SiliFoam Silicone Foam

PlatSil® SiliFoam is a platinum-cured silicone foam with a 15 lb/ft³ density.

Product Line Features

  • Type: Two-part platinum-cured silicone foam
  • Room-temperature curing (RTV)
  • 15 lb/ft³ free-rise density
  • 1:1 Mix Ratio
  • Fast 30-minute demold time
  • Can be used to conjunction with Silicone Color Pigments to create foam of any color

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