PlatSil® Gel Silicone Rubbers & Accessories

PlatSil® Gel Silicone Rubbers are the industry standard in special effects and medical modeling industries for creating life-like prosthetic appliances and models. They are used widely to make theatrical prosthetic appliances for film, television, and theater, and realistic medical training aids for practices including emergency medical services, cardiology, obstetrics, gynecology, trauma, urology and more. PlatSil® Gels are also used for life casting, prop making and general silicone mold making.

These platinum-cured silicone systems are very versatile given that they can be mixed with a “Deadener” to reduce the snappy, synthetic feel of silicone and simulate any type of tissue. With all of their available additives, PlatSil® Gels can be controlled to meet the needs of your unique application.

For more information see our new Medical Modeling & Simulation brochure. 

Technical Data Bulletin for our standard line of PlatSil Silicone Gels

Technical Data Bulletin for our PlatSil Silicone Gels including Dry Versions

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