Water Clear, UV-Resistant Polyurethane Plastics

Poly-Optic® 14-Series & 17-Series plastics are specifically designed for applications where optical clarity is a must. Castings will be water-clear; however, PolyColor Dyes can be added to obtain clear, colored castings. In addition, Poly-Optic systems can be filled with metal, marble and many other fine powders to achieve myriad effects. Poly-Optic® 17-Series products are mercury-free formulas. Poly-Optic resins are the plastics of choice for mimicking glass and ice-like features and are widely used to create stunning prototypes (lenses, bottles, containers), as well as unique art, medical models, sculpture and display items.

NOTES: Vacuum and/or pressure casting techniques are recommended for these products. Not recommended for long-term exterior use.

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