Making Hershey's Kisses Replicas with EasyFlo 60 Plastic

These Hershey’s Kisses® replicas are made of polyurethane plastic and coated in a metallic silver spray paint. They are part of an interactive exhibit at the Hershey Museum.

Hershey Kisses®_EasyFlo

There are approximately 900 individual Kisses® and about 30 “panels” of Kisses® (each panel holds 50 Kisses®).

Hershey Kisses® in Plastic

How They Were Made:

First, silicone molds were made from real Hershey Kisses®.

Prior to pouring the casting material into the finished molds, primer was applied directly to the silicone to prepare for application of spray paint later in the process.

EasyFlo 60 (a fast-setting polyurethane plastic) was then poured into the molds. This plastic has a working time of 2-2.5 minutes, a demold time of 15-30 minutes, and naturally cures to an off-white color.

After the plastic Kisses® were removed from the mold, they were sprayed with a metallic silver spray paint.

Here is the final product:

Plastic Hershey's Kisses® with Spray Paint

Plastic Hershey Kisses_EasyFlo 60

Hershey Kisses®

Hershey Museum - Plastic Kisses®

Plastic Hershey Kisses®

EasyFlo Casting Plastic

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