Colored Dyes for Polyurethane Plastic & Polyurethane Rubber

Polyurethane Color Dyes

PolyColor dyes are designed to color polyurethane plastics and polyurethane rubbers. Dyes are available in black, brown, blue, green, red, yellow, and white.

How Much Dye Should I Add?

Dyes can be added up to 3.0% of the total mixed weight (Part A + Part B).

For example: EasyFlo 60, a polyurethane plastic with a 1A:1B mix ratio, is being used to cast a part. A total of 200 grams of liquid plastic is needed to make the part. Because the mix ratio is 1A:1B (by volume), 100 grams of Part A and 100 grams of Part B should be used. 3.0% of the TOTAL mixed weight (200 grams) should not be exceeded, so the maximum amount of PolyColor dye that should be added is 6.0 grams.

Going over 3.0% may inhibit the cure of the product.

Only add as much dye as you need to get the color you want.

The higher the percentage of PolyColor, the richer the color will be [Figure 1].

Green Dye for Plastic or Rubber

Figure 1: The higher the percentage of PolyColor, the richer the color will be

How Do I Add the Dye?

For the best result, PolyColor dyes should be added to Part B of the resin or rubber prior to mixing Part A and Part B together, or they can be added to mixed Part A and Part B. Do not mix PolyColor with Part A prior to mixing Part A and Part B together.

Does the Color Vary from Product to Product?

It is important to remember that these dyes will not overpower the natural color of the cured plastic or rubber. For instance, Poly 74-20 (a polyurethane rubber), naturally cures to a yellow color. If PolyColor Blue was added to this rubber, the rubber would cure to a green-ish color, not a blue color.

In the image below [Figure 2], you can see the difference between adding PolyColor Blue to clear polyurethane plastic [far left]  vs. off-white polyurethane plastic:

Pigment for Polyurethane Plastic and Rubber

Figure 2: Color will appear differently dependent upon the plastic/rubber material

Can I Mix PolyColor Dyes Together?

Yes, PolyColor dyes can be mixed to create new colors. For instance, PolyColor Blue and PolyColor Red could be mixed to create a purple color [Figure 3], or PolyColor Red and PolyColor Yellow could be mixed to create an orange color.

PolyColorDye Purple

Figure 3: 1.0% of PolyColor Blue and 1.0% PolyColor Red can be mixed to create a purple color in EasyFlo 60 polyurethane plastic

Can PolyColor Dyes be used in Silicone Rubber?

No, PolyColor dyes cannot be used in silicone rubber. SiliColor pigments are specifically designed for use with silicone and are available in fleshtone, red, blue, green, yellow, black, and white.

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