How to Make a Concrete Texture Mat [Slate Model]

In this video, we show you how to create a rubber texture mat from real slate. Texture mats are commonly used as concrete texturing tools and can be created from a variety of natural surfaces.

First, we show you how to create a "floppy", which is a very flexible textured mat that is useful for sloped surfaces (as it contours to the shape of the surface). We use Poly PT Flex 20, a flexible polyurethane rubber, for this process. Then we make a mold of the "floppy" using a harder polyurethane rubber - Poly 75-65. Using the same rubber, Poly 75-65, we cast a texture mat (with handle) in our mold. You can then continue to make multiple texture mats from the mold. They can vary in hardness depending on your needs. 

Here is the entire process:

1. Select Real Slate 00:36

2. Apply a Sealer to the Porous Surface of the Model 00:41

3. Apply and Brush Release Agent onto the Model 01:18

4. Weigh & Mix Rubber (Parts A & B) for First Layer of Texture Mat 01:51

5. Pour the First Layer of the Texture Mat 02:51

6. Weigh & Mix Rubber for Second Layer of Texture Mat 03:31

7. Pour the Second Layer of the Texture Mat 04:04

8. Weigh & Mix Rubber for Third (and Final) Layer of Texture Mat 04:50

9. Pour the Third (and Final) Layer of Texture Mat 05:04

10. Demold the Texture Mat 05:39

---The "Floppy" is Complete--- Now on to the Mold Making Process 05:50

11. Construct Mold Box 06:00

12. Apply & Brush Release Agent onto Mat & Mold Box Interior 08:33

13. Determine How Much Rubber You Will Need to Make the Mold 08:57

14. Weigh & Mix Mold Rubber (Parts A & B) 09:17

15. Pour Mold Rubber into Mold Box 10:09

16. Remove Mold Box Walls & Carefully Demold 10:46

---The Mold is Complete---Now to Cast a Texture Mat with Handle 11:45

17. Configure Handle Placement 11:47

18. Apply & Brush Release Agent onto Mold 12:22

19. Weigh & Mix Rubber for Final Texture Mat 13:11

20. Pour Rubber into Mold 13:51

21. Spray Release Agent over the Rubber Right After Pouring 14:22

22. Demold 14:44

---Your Texture Mat with Handle is Ready for Use! And the Mold is Ready to Cast More Texture Mats! 15:04

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