Lifecasting: PlatSil® Gel-25 Face Cast

PlatSil® Gel-25 is a contact-safe, platinum-cured silicone that is most often used for making prosthetic appliances, lifecasting and mold making.


1: Prepare Model

2: Measure & Mix PlatSil Gel-25

3: Apply PlatSil Gel-25 to Model 

4: Construct Plaster Shell 

5: Demold 

PlatSil Gel-25, PlatSil Gel-OO and PlatSil Gel-10 make up the PlatSil Gel Series, which is widely used for specials effects in television, theatre and film. All of these options can be used for lifecasting, for creating prosthetics and for mold making.

PlatSil Gel-25 is similar to Gel-10 & Gel-OO, but varies in its versatility and physical properties. Gel-25 offers lower mixed viscosity (6,000 cP compared to Gel-OO and Gel-10’s 15,000 cP viscosity) and greater versatility in Shore hardness. Using PlatSil Deadener LV and PlatSil Part H Hardener, PlatSil Gel-25 can be made as soft as Shore OOO30 and as hard as Shore A40.

ATTENTION: Polytek® products are intended for professional use only.

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