Concrete Epoxy Floor Patch Paste

Concrete Epoxy Floor Patch Paste is a premium, 2-part epoxy, patching compound for quick and easy filling of cracks, divots, and gouges on your floor. 

The Floor Patch Paste is designed to be used on concrete, metal, wood, masonry, or where tough yet flexible epoxy paste is required. Uses include patching surface cracks on concrete floors before application of Polytek Flooring products. It provides high build, maximum toughness, flexibility, and excellent chemical resistance in a quick-drying paste. 

  • High Build
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Flexible
  • High Durability
  • Moisture Tolerant
  • Fast Set Time

2 gal. kit = 1 gal. A + 1 gal. B

64 oz. kit = 32 oz. A + 32 oz. B

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Technical Specifications

Mix Ratio:
Shore D Hardness:
Mixed Viscosity (cps):
Work Time:
35 min
Recoat Time:
4-8 hours
Dry Time:
4-8 hours
Light Foot Traffic:
24 hours
Light Vehicle Traffic:
48 hours
Full Cure:
3-7 days
0 g/l
Tensile Strength:
1,490 psi

More Information

Material Calculator

Technical Reference Chart

Safety Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet

  Material Required for 100 Sq Ft Material Required for 290 Sq Ft (1 Car Garage) Material Required for 580 Sq Ft (2 Car Garage)
Normal Cracking 32oz 64oz 1 Gallon
Heavy Cracking 64oz 1 Gallon 2 Gallons

**Material coverage depends on the condition of the concrete to be patched. Heavily pitted/cracked concrete may require more material than suggested.