Moisture Sealing Epoxy Primer

Moisture Sealing Epoxy Primer is a 2-part, 100% solids, low viscosity, moisture accepting epoxy primer. 

Penetrating deep into concrete with unmatched adhesion properties, it can reduce the hydrostatic pressure mitted by the floor from 12 lbs. per 1000 sq. ft to less than 1 lb. Moisture Sealing Epoxy Primer is ideal for priming concrete, metal, and wood. This product can even cure underwater without affecting adhesion properties. 

  • 100% Solids
  • Low Viscosity
  • High Build
  • Moisture Tolerant
  • Superior Adhesion
  • Meets USDA Criteria
  • SCAQMD VOC Compliant (VOC = 0 g/l)

15 gal. kit = 10 gal. A + 5 gal. B

3 gal. kit = 2 gal. A + 1 gal. B

1.5 gal. kit = 1 gal. A + ½ gal. B

48 oz. kit = 32 oz. A + 16 oz. B

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Current Stock:

Technical Specifications

Mix Ratio:
Shore D Hardness:
Mixed Viscosity (cps):
150-300 sq ft
Work Time:
30 min
Recoat Time:
within 24 hours
Dry Time:
6-7 hours
Light Foot Traffic:
24 hours
Light Vehicle Traffic:
72 hours
Full Cure:
3-7 days
0 g/l
Tensile Strength:

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Safety Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet

  6-8 mil Coating (Thin) 10-12 mil Coating (Standard, Single Coating) 18-20 mil Coating (Standard, Double Coating)
Per Gallon 200-270 ft2 125-160 ft2 60-80 ft2
1.5 Gal Kit 300-400 ft2 192-240 ft2 95-120 ft2
3 Gal Kit 600-800 ft2 380-480 ft2 190-240 ft2
15 Gal Kit 3,000-4,000 ft2 1,900-2,400 ft2 950-1,200 ft2

**Moisture Sealing Epoxy is intended to be used as a primer over a exposed, ground concrete floor. The values above reflect a concrete substrate that has been ground to a smooth and slightly porous surface. If applied over a highly porous surface, results may vary.