NaturForm™ 74-R Molding Latex Rubber


Polytek® NaturForm™ 74-R Molding Latex Rubber is a high solids (70-74%) natural latex with internal mold release that assists in releasing concrete and other materials from the finished latex mold. To make a mold, multiple layers of this latex are brushed (spray application is not recommended) onto an original model to form a tough rubber blanket mold; each layer must dry before the next layer is applied. These thin latex molds are typically backed with a supportive mold shell.

Molds made with natural latex have excellent tear strength and elongation properties and are often used for casting plaster, concrete (e.g., veneer stone manufacturing and statuary) and limited casting with some resins.

Additional Latex Options: For a high solids latex without internal mold release, select NaturForm™ 74 Molding Latex Rubber. For a latex with lower solid content (58-62%), select NaturForm™ 60-R Molding Latex Rubber (with internal mold release) or NaturForm™ 60 Molding Latex Rubber

NOTES: Exposure to temperatures <40°F and >80°F may damage latex, causing irreversible coagulation. DO NOT ALLOW TO FREEZE. Always store and use at room temperature.

SHIPPING: Latex cannot be shipped in temperatures near or below 32°F. Expedited Shipping Service is available at an additional cost, but cannot be purchased online. Please call Polytek Customer Service (1-800-858-5990) for more information.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including o-phenylphenate, sodium and Benzene which are known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to


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Technical Specifications

Cured Color:
Percent Solids:
Density of Liquid Latex:
8.10 lb/gal
17000-20000 cP
Read the NaturForm Technical Bulletin for detailed mold making instructions.
Shelf Life & Storage of Liquid Latex:
Use liquid latex within three months. For best results, store products in unopened containers at room temperature (60-90°F). Exposure to temperatures <45°F and >80°F may damage latex, causing irreversible coagulation. DO NOT ALLOW TO FREEZE.

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