Poly 74/75 Part C Softener


Add Poly 74/75 Part C Softener to Poly 74-Series, Poly 75-Series, Poly 77-Series & PT Flex Series polyurethane rubbers for a lower viscosity mix and softer cured rubber. The amount of Part C needed varies from product to product and should be determined through experimentation. Example: To soften Poly 74-30 Liquid Rubber (Shore A30) to a Shore A15, mix 1A:1B:1C by weight. NOTES: When Part C is used, the cure time may be longer and there could be some loss of strength in the cured rubber as well as an increased tendency to shrink after repeated casting. Add Part C to Part B prior to mixing with Part A. For additional information, read the Technical Bulletin associated with your product.


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