Customer Project: Cast Stone Magnolia Buds for Tattnall Square Park

West Side Stone Works of Macon, Georgia took on a mold making and casting project to create cast stone magnolia buds that would serve as finials on the columns situated at the entrance of Tattnall Square Park in historic Macon. Local artist Amy McCollough Hellis sculpted the magnolia buds from clay and West Side Stone Works took over from there. The original sculptures are approximately 3 feet tall and 20 inches in diameter.

Here are pictures of the original magnolia buds at varying angles:

[all photos are courtesy of West Side Stone Works]

Magnolia Bud_Clay Sculpture_3
Magnolia Bud_Clay Sculpture_4
Magnolia Bud_Clay Sculpture_5
Magnolia Bud_Clay Sculpture_6
Magnolia Bud_Clay Sculpture_1
Magnolia Bud_Clay Sculpture_2

Because of the significant undercuts on these models, West Side Stone Works utilized our most flexible polyurethane mold rubber, Poly 74-20.

Basic Specifications: Poly 74-20 is a Shore A20 polyurethane rubber with a 1A:2B mix ratio, 30-minute pour time and 16-hour demold time.

Poly 74-20 is a pourable rubber with low viscosity. To make it suitable for brush-on application, they thickened the liquid rubber with PolyFiber II, a shredded fiber thickening agent. They also accelerated the cure and demold time by adding Poly 74/75 Part X Accelerator.

Prior to brushing on the liquid rubber, Pol-Ease® 2300 Release Agent was applied to the models so the cured rubber would release well from the clay when demolded:

Release Agent for Clay Sculpture

This is a picture of one of the cured Poly 74-20 brush-on molds prior to mold shell construction:

Poly 74-20 Brush-On Mold

Because brush-on blanket molds are thin, a mold shell is required for support. West Side Stone Works decided to use Poly 1511 Liquid Plastic with PolyFiber II thickening agent to make their multi-part mold shells. They used clay to make shims for this process.

Brush-On Plastic Mold Shell
Liquid Plastic for Mold Shell
Removing Mold Shell from Polyurethane Mold

Upon cure of the plastic, the rubber mold and mold shell were removed from the model to prepare for casting. The picture below is a view of the interior of one of the finished Poly 74-20 molds:

Mold for Clay Sculpture

After cleaning the molds and placing them back in their mold shells, a concrete mixture was poured into them. The final pieces are shown below prior to installation:

Cast Stone Sculpture
Artificial Lime Stone from Rubber Mold

Finally, the cast stone magnolia buds were installed atop these columns in Tattnall Square Park as part of a revitalization effort:

Cast Stone Magnolia Buds Finished

West Side Stone Works is located in Macon, GA and can be reached at 478-474-8585.

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