Smith's Theatrical Prosthetic Deadener

Smith’s Theatrical Prosthetic Deadener is an additive for PlatSil® Gels that is used widely in special effects and prosthetic appliance applications. It is used to eliminate the snappy, synthetic feel of silicone and simulate the look and feel of skin or human tissue. For a Deadener lower in the viscosity, consider PlatSil® Deadener LV.
Add up to 300% Smith's Deadener of the total mixed weight of the PlatSil® Gel mixture (Part A + Part B). Experiment with varying levels to achieve the slow stretch and recovery properties of human tissue. 300% can be used to create a super-gel, which is extremely soft and sticky. A test cure should be performed to determine the proper amount to add for individual applications. Some choose to create a thin layer, or "skin", of non-deadened PlatSil® Gel backed with deadened PlatSil® Gel to mimic the surface tension of skin.
NOTE ON PLATSIL® GEL-25: When working with PlatSil® Gel-25, typically only up to 100% Deadener is needed. As a general rule, Deadener LV in PlatSil® Gel‐25 requires about half the amount compared to Smith’s Deadener in PlatSil® Gel‐10. PlatSil® Gels with Deadener are often encapsulated in a cap plastic to make prosthetic appliances. To reduce the tackiness that presents itself with the addition of Deadener, either encapsulate the silicone or simply brush on talcum powder.


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Technical Specifications

Add Deadener to Part A prior to mixing with Part B.

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